Bargain Shack

About us

We have working partnerships within Australia and Internationally that allow us to provide the general public with these collections at reduced and affordable prices. If you need a particular piece or style we either have it or we can source it for you. We believe in personalised service, quality and integrity and our online showroom provides our clients nationally and internationally access to our vast product ranges.


Georgina Stavropoulos is the sole owner of Bargain Shack and after many years of hard work in retail and managing retail outlets she has finally bought her ideas to full fruition. 

Georgina loves to help others and be part of the community. There is a local community center in her suburb where she loves to give a hand when needed and the next project for this community center is a community garden. She also involves herself with charity events that help raise money for local charities. My goal is to fund some events from this website. 

This website is fun, lively and amazing and you will love it just as I do.